Artificial Intelligence – A Boon Or A Curse.

Artificial Intelligence is merely the ability of a computer program or a machine to learn, respond, think and act like humans. Many factors count when it comes to deciding whether AI is a boon or bane. The concepts of Artificial intelligence dates back to the early 20th century when the first generation of computer was designed, and scientists began to focus on the ability of machines to think. John McCarthy, a renowned educator of mathematics at Dartmouth College named it Artificial Intelligence in the year 1955. The entire concept was to imitate Human brain capacity and strategize according to that.

How AI can be a boon-

  • Effective learning

One can learn a lot with artificial intelligence and have greater access to knowledge, reduce language barriers between people and meaningless repetition.

  • Convenience

AI has made our lives easier as it has reduced manual labor induced in the job. You calculate book tickets and browse online with ease of a few clicks, and this is plausible only with the help of Artificial intelligence.

  • User-friendly

one can easily get their work done with basic direction and easy ways of use. Even a differently able person can use it and if someone is learning to type and does not know how to use a smartphone. Anyone can use Artificial intelligence for ease of work.

  • Singlehanded problem solver

With AI, one can perform tasks faster and economical. You do not need a labor force when you are getting your job done with the help of AI.

The above-mentioned points are the advantages of using artificial intelligence because it can be essential to get jobs done faster, accurately and efficiently. There are many other uses of artificial intelligence, and hence people need it more.

How AI can be a bane-

  • Unnecessary use

In the future AI can be misused to control people by Robot policing, surveillance and automated service and Ai supported control and command economy. This is very much possible in the future, but not many will support this system.

  • Class division and inequality

There are possibilities that AI can be used by fewer people in the future to concentrate and operate wealth by only fewer people. This can certainly bring a classist structure in the world.

  • Less availability of jobs

Humans are lazy beings, and there is no doubt about that. The innovation of AI can simply get your jobs done easy and to stay connected. With this, there is going to a risk in employment and physical labor force of workers. It is a replacement of human labor with machines for quicker and more efficient results.

People will become machine driven if AI is given the chance to take over. More people start depending on machine work and forget the natural ways. There are potential advancements and work happening with the help of AI, and that is why there is a demand for this technology.

Artificial intelligence has the capability to improve our lives and bring it to a faster pace. It will always benefit and make the roads safer for us. However, there are certain doubts as to how AI can also be a potential threat to humankind and destroy the natural abilities of humans. Imagine the power of machines as they get your tasks done easily. Can you imagine machines taking over and operate becoming a slave to them?  Because of its easier ways, AI can also be used for negative purposes, and therefore one has to keep in mind the right uses of Artificial intelligence and the how one can balance the uses of it.

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