How to get rid of Fever


Although fever is not considers as a disease as medical professionals, Most of the people are highly consider about the fiver. Which is medically know Febrile illness. As this is most of the time a part of a ongoing disease we also interest in reducing fever and detecting the actual disease on the patient. Most of the time fever is causing by an inflection. But also it may be due to any other disease. So, this is on what is the importance of diagnosing of the cause of fever and how to manage it at home.

What is fever…..?

As all we know, our body has a basal body temperature which is 36.8 degree of Celsius or 98.6 Fahrenheit. Any elevating above the level of that is considered as fever. However we consider as 1 C above is normal for a person. Most of the time we can see some people who complains of fever does not have that much of body temperature. So before presenting to a doctor, you have to make sure that you have correctly measured the temperature by temperature meter.

Why fever is not a disease……?

As we have mentioned earlier, fever is not a specific symptom of any disease. It is only a suggestive of disease. As a it may caused by any inflection, inflammation, allergic reaction or etc.

What are the causes for fever….?

1. Inflection

Inflection is the most important cause of fever. It may be either Bacterial, Viral of Fungal. These inflection may be anywhere in the body like Gastrointestinal system (GIT), Respiratory System(RS) or any other system. Commonest cause we are seen is the fever with common cold. This is cause by viral inflection in the upper respiratory system. Other most important one is acute gastroenteritis which also caused by viral causes like Rota virus.

2. Injury
Injury is the other most common cause of fever is the injury of the body. Mostly the affected site shows the features of inflammation. These may include sport injuries, accidents and etc.

3. Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions also a part of fever. This is mostly cause by drug allergies, food allergies and allergies cause by some dusts.

4. Other causes.

Other causes for fever include wide range of causes like drugs, mental stress, electrolyte imbalance and etc.

What is the importance of fever in the diagnostic way…?

As fever is a part of the disease we can easily get to know that the patient has get sick with some problem. This can influence on patient to seek a doctor and get treatments. Sometimes these kind of fever can show a sign of sever systemic diseases. So be careful when you get sick without any significant cause.

How to reduce fever at home……..?

We can control the fever in may different ways including pharmacological and non-pharmacological ways. Most of the time it may be a combination of these methods of treatments.

1. Keep the patient in rest.
Good rest is the best solution for most of the viral inflections like common old. So get some rest to increase your potential of fighting against the virus by your defence system.

2. Remove additional cloths.
Most of the time what the patient do is increase their cloths to prevent the increasing of temperature. But this causes the increasing of body temperature further. There for remove the cloths and let the heat to diffuse out from your body.

3. Wash form the cold water.
In the children increasing of temperature increases the risk of febrile Fits. So you have to maintain your body temperature at lower level by wet the body with small amount of water.

4. Use some anti-pyretic drugs.
Commonest practice among the people these days is taking a tablet for reduce the fever. This could be any kind of anti-pyretic drug. But it is advisable for you to talk simple analgesic like Paracetamol as a primary treatment. Talking of Aspirin is not recommended in children and people with symptoms of Dengue or any other bleeding tendencies.  

5. Consult a doctor.
Consulting a doctor in the management of fever is very important if it persist more than 3 days. So meet your doctor and follow his advices.

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