How to get rid of Menstrual pain

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Menstrual pain treatments and remedies

Primary dysmenorrhoea, simply the menstrual pain is a problem with most of the young girls. I think some of them suffers a lot due to the menstrual pain. According to the human physiological explanations, the menstrual pain is a normal condition during the menstrual cycle. But due to the exaggeration of some cyclic conditions you may experience it more than others.

What is the menstrual pain…..?

Menstrual cycle is a most important part of women with reproductive age group. Mostly the it start just after the puberty and persist up to the menopause. Proper hormonal changes during this cycle is very important for women to get pregnant. Menstrual bleeding is the end of the one cycle and the beginning of another. However, during that period women have to suffer with little pain. This is the menstrual pain. 

Is it common to all the women….?

Menstrual cycle is a common cycle occur in all women who are in reproductive age group except the pregnant. Therefore menstrual pain is a common problem with all the women with reproductive age group. However, the amount of pain may vary according to many factors.

How the menstrual pain occurs……?

In the last few days of the menstrual cycle, the lining of your uterus have to degenerate. This is due to the increase synthesis of chemical called prostaglandin. Prostaglandin can induce the muscle contraction of uterus. At the same time that causes the reducting of blood supply to the uterus. Therefore you have to face a pain due to both ischemia and muscle contraction. However, in the girls with primary dysmenorrhoea there is a exaggeration of these activities which cause excessive pain.

Due you need to worry about primary dysmenorrhoea……?

 As I mentioned this is a normal condition and you do not need to worry. However, If you have huge pain you better have some treatments. But if it associate with excessive bleeding longer than 3-5 days it should be considered.

How to prevent menstrual pain…………?

As the same pain may show in different degree in different people, it is better to follow some of the following methods and try what is good for you.1. Have a rest
Most of the time rest is the best treatment for most of the diseases including dysmenorrhoea. Because it may reduce your anxiety and causes good mental state to face the problems. Also some people face difficulties in working on the bleeding period. So it may be helpful for you to have a rest. However, if you are a women in working age it may be somewhat difficult task for you to have a break.

2. Do heat compression.
Other important remedy is having a warm compression on your lower abdomen. This  causes the reduction of uterine contractions and reduce the menstrual pain. Also the cold treatment may reduce your pain too.  

3. Do some Yoga exercise.
Pain perception differs according to the person. If you are in good mental state, the pain you get is less. So I recommend you to do some medication and try. Also Yoga exercises are helpful lot.
4. Do exercise.If you are not in a position to do “Yoga” , I think simple abdominal exercise also may helpful to reduce the menstrual pain. But these should be practice regularly for benefits.

5. Use good sanitary towels.
Sanitary towels are the one of the most popular equipment among women. But the quality of them are very important. Even if they are not directly connect with pain, they are helpful for you to reduce the disturbances that occurs during the bleeding.
6. Use pain killers.
Pain killer are the other important thing that should be used. They cause significant reduction of your pain. First try for simple pain killer like Paracetamol. and then try for some analgesics like ibuprofen for pain. But be careful not to use them more than recommended. 

7. Use oral contraceptive pills.
Oral contraceptive pills are the best drug for your menstrual pain they reduce both pain and bleeding during your cycles. Before use these try to meet a doctor and get advice.
Other important thing is they may cause significant adverse effect like nausea, vomiting, headache like things. So you may have to use anti-emetic drug for reduce vomiting.
8. Have a advice from Doctor. If you are still suffering pain, you may better to have some advice from doctor. Because this may be a symptom of other disease like fibroid.

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