How to get rid of Migraine headache

Migraine causes, risk factors and treatment options

Migraine is a extremely severe type of headache in the modern world and it is more common in the adolescent and younger age. This is a unilateral throbbing type of pain which may associate with nausea, vomiting and some other signs like exaggerated sensitivity to light and sounds. This is also associate with the aura in classical migraine. The aura is a visual sensation of lightness around the visual field. Unless you have migraine or your family member have migraine, you would never realized the pain in it. However if you have migraine you may think how can I get rid of migraine what is the cause of migraine.

How is the Migraine headache occurs

It should be differentiate from all other type of headache like tension type of headache. Even though the causes and exact mechanism is still uncertain, it is believe that the problem occurs in the vascular system associate with the cerebral neurons specially the ophthalmic branch of the Trigeminal neuron. The dilation and inflammatory reactions may cause condition according to the present theories.

What are the causes for Migraine

There are number of reasons associate with the migraine. Those may be genetic factors, food habits, extreme stress, hormonal changes and etc.

How are susceptible to migraine

Most people who gets migraine are young women. It is about 75% of total. They affect in all over the world. It is said that this is mainly caused by female sexual hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Specially the most common age of disease is 20 – 45 years. Although some part of children can also get affected. This does not related with the gender and resolves with the age.
Also another risk factor for migraine is the family history of migraine. Therefore if some one on your family is having migraine, you also have  a chance of get affected by the disease condition.
Also if you have some conditions like epilepsy, depression, bowel diseases it also can increase the risk of migraine.

Treatments for the Migraine headache

The migraine care is associate with the acute and long term management of the disease. As this is associated with huge pain and other uncomfortable symptoms it is necessary to quick relief of symptoms. This is mostly associated with pain killers and anti- emetic drugs. The long term management is to reduce the frequency and the number of episodes associate with the condition.

Importance of pain killers in the management of Migraine

Migraine can increase your pain perception. Therefore when you have to face sudden episode of the migraine headache it is better to have some pain killers. Paracetamol is the most important and foremost drug use in the disease.Also if you have more pain you can move in to some medications like Ibuprofen, Diclofinac. Here the most effective drug in the Migraine management is Diclifinac Potassium.

Importance of anti emetic drugs in Migraine management

Most of the time Migraine associated with the Nausea and Vomiting, as it cause abnormal simulations on ophthalmic neurons. Therefore it is necessary to reduce the noseating sensation of a patient. For that we you anti emetic drugs like Metoclopramide.

Dexamethasone in management of Migraine

In severe excercerbations of Migraine, there are severe inflamatory reaction on the meningies. Therefore, Dexamethasone can reduce the severe pain with the migraine.

Long term management of the migraine

If you suffer migraine lot, you have to go for the specialised care. There you may have to use preventive medications for the conditions like beta blockers, anti depressants, Ergotamines, Tripton like drugs.

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