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Balance diet is a diet which consist of adequate amount of all the necessary nutrient for the healthy growth, maintain  and the additional requirements of your body. Briefly it is necessary to have adequate carbohydrates, proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Water that adequate for your growth and healthy lifestyle. Preparation of balance diet is not only a process of finding and buying nutritious foods but also it includes much more component than that. Simply it includes all the process from the finding of the nutritious food to eating of them and further more. Therefore you have to give your concern on all the parts of them.

What is balance diet……….?

As we have discussed earlier it is the diet should be considered in both quantity and quality wise to access whether it is a balance one. It should include following macro-nutrients in adequate quantity.

  1. Carbohydrates 

 Amount of carbohydrates in your diet should be about 60%. It is the main calorie component of your diet. Carbohydrate help you to maintain your energy requirements adequately. The sources of Carbohydrate includes bread, rice, sweets and all the foods that includes sugar. However high amount of Carbohydrate foods are not recommended for the patients who suffer from chronic diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, Coronary Arterial Diseases.

  2. Protein and amino acids

 Proteins are the other important type of dietary component that you should have in your diet. This should vary with your amount of body weight and age. Normally accepted amount of protein level is 1g per 1kg of body weight. Therefore healthy adult should have about 70 grams of protein in there diet. Also some special people like children needs more protein in there diet. Because there growth requires large amount of amino acids. More than that protein helps to maintain your protection against inflections. You can get protein from meat, fish, eggs, milk, some types of vegetarian foods like beans.

  3. Fat and Lipids

 Also other important thing in diet is Lipids. It should be about 30% of your daily calorie intake. This should includes 10% of mono unsaturated fatty acids, 10% of poly unsaturated fatty acids and 10% of saturated fatty acids. increased amount of saturated fatty acids are not good for your health. Sources of fatty acids includes oil containing meals like milk, yogurt, cheese. This is also a good source of energy.

  4. Vitamins

Vitamins also an important component of your diet. But it should be in small quantities. This includes set of component which will helps to maintain your life.As example Vitamin A, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K can be considered. Also they are important in development process of your body. You will get these nutrients mostly from fruits and vegetables.

  5. Minerals

 Minerals are also a set of important nutrients that should be in less quantity. They also play a role in helping the maintaining of the body as same as the Vitamins. This includes minerals like Iron (Fe), Calcium (Ca), Copper (Cu) and etc. You will get these nutrients mostly from fruits and vegetables.

  6. Water

 Presence of adequate amount of water is also a other important part in your diet. Because all the body functions requires water.

7. Fiber

 At last the presence of fiber in your diet is also an important thing. Dietary help to maintain your bowel habits properly. Also they will reduce the risk of colonic cancers. You will get fibers from vegetable a
fruits mostly.

What are the important things that should consider in the preparation of food……?

 As same as the selection of diet the preparation is also a important part for your healthy diet. This includes all the process following the selection of the fresh food for your preparation to the end of the diet. First you have to consider about the store method of your diet. Prolong storage of foods like vegetable and fruits may cause changes of their nutrition consistency. Then in preparation you have concern the collection of diet that you are going to prepare is suitable. As example if you prepare diet consist of meat with milk it may cause to reduction of absorption of Iron. At the same time including of the lime juice to some foods like meat may increase the Iron (Fe) absorption and food digestion. Therefore first consider about the set of meals that you are going to include to your diet.

 Other important thing that you have to consider is not loading the too much of foods that contain same nutrient. It will not helps to improve the quality of your diet. Also it will cause wasting of your money. Also try to change the particles in your diet which may helps to talk different micro-nutrients to your body.

Then the cooking is also a important part in preparation of quality foods. If you use too much of heat, it will cause to reduction of micro-nutrients like Vitamins and Minerals.

At last proper storage should also be consider. If you do not store the food in adequate quality it will cause to various inflections.

CDC : Healthy eating for healthy weight

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