How to take medications for protection of your life


  Nature of human is getting ill everyday. We are using different kinds of medications to prevent the diseases as same as the healing of them form those diseases. They may includes Tablets, Capsules, IV injections, Dermal patches, Implants, Inhalers etc. However,  in the modern society as same as the disease prevalence increased, number of available drugs have been increased. At the same time patient have become more intelligent to ask question on their drugs directly from the physician or from the Internet. Therefore in some ways uses of medications have become very sophisticated.

What is a medication…..?

  Medication is any kinds of chemical compound which has a significant effect on prevention, controlling or the process of cure a disease. As mention above those may be in the form of tablet, capsules, Iv injections, Dermal patches or any other physical nature.

Why we have to consider about the using drugs properly……?

  Drugs are set of exogenous compounds to our body. Therefore improper usage of the drugs may cause  serious side effects like liver toxicity, kidney failure, arrhythmia even death. So we have to consider but what we are going to do before using drugs improperly. I advice you to have a proper guidance from  a doctor before using any drugs.
Some important guidance on intake of drugs have listed below.

1. Take every drug with the advice of a doctor. 

As some drugs may cause interactions, side effects you have to consult a doctor before the usage of any medication.

2. Follow total regime of drug with out missing. 

Unless you may not get the benefit of the drug that you are using. Specially this may be applicable to drugs like Antibiotics. Improper usage of some antibiotics have caused Antibiotic Resistance Strains(ARS) in some diseases like Tuberculosis.

3. Inform the doctor and pharmacist if you have any disease condition.

 If you are having some co-morbidity it may be advisable for you to inform the specially the doctor. Because  in some disease conditions you some drugs may cause toxic effects to major organs.

4. Inform the doctor and pharmacist about your current drug regimes.

Identification of the currently using drugs may helpful to detect any drug interactions. Because some of the drugs causes the involvement of hepatic absorption on the drugs.

5. Get more information from doctor if you have any quarry.

If you have anything that may not understood you may have to question from the doctor about them. If will helpful for both the doctor and the patient in the proper management.

6. Store your drugs in the proper places.

Normally internationally accepted method is keeping the drug in the cool and dry place. But there are some variants of that. As example if you are using Insulin, you may have to keep it in a refrigerator.

7. Keep the medications away from the children.

Children are more active group of people and they may eat whatever they touch. Taking most of the drugs may cause serious damages to children as their enzyme systems are not mature enough to protect them from damages. So please remember to keep your medications away from children.

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