Signs and Symptoms of Menopause

Menopause and perimenopausal symptoms

As a women, there is a question in all of your mind. That is “What is menopause..?” and “will the menopause affects my family life..?”. True as a women you should be more concern about cessation of your menstrual cycle. The term menopause means “Total absence of the menstrual cycles for 12 months”. Therefore it is the ending of your part of life and starting of other part of life which may be difficult that earlier. This is because the menopause not only affect your endocrine system, it affect your physiology, metabolism, mental state, family and sexual life. Also in addition to that most of the other system like cardiovascular, skeletal, urinary systems are affected. Even though the proper investigation for diagnosis of menopause, you can see the changes in our physiological function well.

What happens with the menopause

In the female body there is a monthly cycle in there ovaries and the uterus. This is due to the some hormones release by the brain which are called LH and FSH which ultimately affect the level of Estrogen in our body. Estrogen(E2) is the main chemical compound involved in the regulation of this monthly cycle.  This is not only controls the sexual organs also it affects the other organ systems like skin, hair, heart, etc.

After the age or any other problem this mechanism going to off slowly and finished at a specific point of time that is the menopause. The time period around these changes is called the perimenopausal period. This may be very difficult time to a female as they are loosing part of them. It associates the irregular menstrual periods. As a result of complete cessation of menstrual bleeding from a women, the estrogen level also dropped and causes in appropriate  control of the body functions.

When the menopause occurs

In early days due to the lack of health care facilities women may live maximally 50 years also as the late puberty the had to face the menopause about 50 – 55 years. Therefore the menopausal symptoms on a women was rare those period. But now the health facilities are high therefore they lives about 80 years. Also due to the early puberty, now the post menopausal symptoms are very common. Usually age of menopause in present is about 45 – 48. If someone gets menopause earlier, it is called “premature menopause”.Some times this may vary with the family history. Most of  women face the menopause at the same time of the mother.

Also there are unnatural methods of menopause which may cause premature menopause. These include hysterectomy surgeries which involved in removal of ovaries. Also some other problems like cancer chemotherapy  and radiotherapy and hormonal problems may cause this problem.

Signs and symptoms of menopause

Signs and symptoms of the menopause include both physical and psychological symptoms. The psychological changes includes problems like depression, anxiety, short term memory loss, lack of concentration and strength. etc. Physically you can see hot flushes, night sweating, tiredness, increase urination, and increased risk of urinary inflections.  Also you may experience sleeping difficulties.

Risks of menopause

Although this is the end of your child baring age, this is associate with large number of risks. As example you are more susceptible to get osteoporosis and fractures during trauma. Other thing is the cardiovascular symptoms. This is because the increased production of Low Density Lipo-proteins (LDL). This is associate with coronary artery syndrome and some other problems in kidneys and eyes.

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