What are the drugs causing gastritis

Effects of medications on Gastritis

Gastritis is a very common condition among all the age groups. However, most of the people who get the condition are young people. Adolescents suffer lot due to gastritis. When we consider the common causative agents, there are lots. They may be either dietary or not dietary. As example disturbance of your dietary pattern may cause the condition. In addition to that, psychological conditions like depression may cause this.

What is the importance of drugs/medications in gastritis?

Medications play a considerably important role in the topic of gastritis. It is the on of the commonest causative agent casing gastritis. In other way round, it is also play a main role in prevention of gastritis.

What are the drugs causing gastritis?

Drugs causing gastritis are in various types. However, most of them are drugs which are using in management of the other type of disease. This may be condition like pain, arthritis, fracture, inflection or etc.

There are large numbers of medications causing gastritis as their complication. The most important set of drugs are pain killers (analgesics). These are using to reduce pain during any condition. It may be fracture, post operative wound, arthritis, etc.

As an example there are number of pain killers causing gastritis. Diclofinac Sodium is the well known drug. In addition to that, Paracetamol, Aspirin, Ibuprofen like drugs also cause this problem. This is due to the inhibition of COX.

However, to reduce gastritis during pain we can use newer drugs like Celecoxib and other type of selective COX inhibitors.

Also the antibiotics cause gastritis most of the situations. Especially macrolides like Erythromycin is a well known drug among population.

Curative use of drug in gastritis

In the other hand, control of the gastritis is also done by the medication. They are like proton pump inhibitors, H2 –receptor blockers like drugs. Also there is a role of antibiotic in gastritis associated with a helicobactor pylori

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